Operation Christmas Child

2017-10-24T15:05:29-04:00October 5th, 2017|

Again this year, we’ll be participating in “Operation Christmas Child.” Operation Christmas Child was started by Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son. Shoeboxes filled with items for boys and girls are shipped overseas to various places for underprivileged children. Shoeboxes will be available in the vestibule in a few weeks with instructions on what to fill them with, depending on the age and gender you select. Just pick a box up, fill it, and return it to the parlor when you’re done. 

Boxes are now available in the vestibule for Operation Christmas Child. You can buy for a boy or girl. Just check the age range and place the label inside the box. These boxes will be delivered to Calvary Baptist on November 13

The shipping fee is $9.00. Write your check to “Samaritan’s Purse” with a note on the memo line for “Operation Christmas Child”. Place your check in the envelope, fill out information requested, seal it, and place inside your box. If you’re buying for more than 1 child, just write one check for the total amount of postage due and place in the envelope inside one box and put your boxes together. ($9.00 per box) Place the boxes in the parlor once they are filled, and include your check, information on front of envelope, and secure with a rubber band provided in box. 


Rubber bands are in the box and have to be around the box, so it must close all the way. DO NOT INCLUDE CANDY, TOOTHPASTE, LIQUIDS, LOTIONS, SNOW GLOBES, AEROSOL CANS, TOY GUNS OR KNIVES, SEEDS, CHOCOLATE OR FOOD

All information is in the handout inside box called, “HOW TO PACK YOUR SHOEBOX GIFT”. Thank you so much for your participation in this worthwhile project. And lastly, please pray for these children who’ll be receiving your box; you may include a photo and a personal note. Thank you for your participation.