During the month of October, the Presbyterian Women will be collecting items to send to Scott Dice (Melissa and Harry’s son), who is stationed in Afghanistan. 

Suggestions for items to donate include: 

Beef jerky *, chips, Doritos*, cheese and peanut butter crackers, cheese puffs and cheetos*, or any snack food, peanut butter, salsa (plastic bottle), NON-chocolate candy (chocolate melts), cookies, magazines, paperbacks, shoe inner soles, foot powder, cards to send back home, packs of tissues, playing cards, puzzle books, small games, ink pens. (The starred items are what Scott really likes). 

The soldiers get all their medical and personal supplies like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo, so they do NOT need that. DO NOT donate aerosols, perfumes containing alcohol, pork products, nail polish. 

You are also encouraged to write personal notes to Scott and the other soldiers. 

Please leave donated items in the lounge. 

We also need donations of money so as to pay for postage. Each box is about $15. Please write checks to PW with “Thank You, Soldier” in the memo line. Give to Mary Rainey, Pat Blackley, Sue Gochenour or any member of Presbyterian Women.