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Enemies of Gratitude

11/19/17 – 12/10/17

This is the time of year when we begin to think about how thankful we are for the blessings in our lives. This is poignant because gratitude is key to spiritual growth. But are you falling prey to four common enemies of gratitude?  


November 19, 2017

In the first part of the series, “Enemies of Gratitude,” Pastor Evan asks if it’s possible to be so entwined in nostalgia that we neglect to be grateful for what God is doing in the present or how he is leading us in the future.



November 26, 2017

Worry can be paralyzing. In particular, worry is an enemy of gratitude because when worry fills our hearts, it can be difficult to pray with a grateful heart. As Pastor Evan explores in this second part of the series, “Enemies of Gratitude,” while worry may be an enemy of gratitude, gratitude may be an antidote to worry.



December 3, 2017

Continuing our Thanksgiving/Advent series, “Enemies of Gratitude,” Pastor Evan addresses one of the most pernicious enemies of gratitude: greed. Greed is that little voice that cries out “MINE” instead of realizing that everything we have and everything we are is a good gift given first to us by God.



December 10, 2017

In the conclusion of the Thanksgiving/Advent series, entitled, “Enemies of Gratitude,” Pastor Evan discusses disappointment. Because when we’re feeling disappointed – with life, with our circumstances, even with God – that disappointment can not only stifle our gratitude but can be twisted to cause us to betray our values. And disappointment can be difficult to deal with because of the way it can just deflate us, robbing us of hope, of energy, of even the desire to press on. In many ways, of all the enemies of gratitude, this one is one of the more difficult to conquer.