10/14/18 – 11/11/18

The book of Job is challenging, to say the least.  And yet it is also one of the more relatable books of the Bible, because everyone suffers, seemingly unjustly, at some point.  In this series we will explore how, when tragedy strikes, we feel disoriented, deserted, silenced, and eventually, redeemed.  


October 14, 2018

In the Bible, Job had everything. Wealth. Great family. Many servants. But this man who had it all soon lost it all, and then even had painful sores break out over his entire body. When life hits you hard, it can be disorienting, as everything you once leaned on for support is gone. When this happens, how is the person of faith to carry on? In this first of a four-part series on the book of Job, Pastor Evan explores this idea and encourages us to “look for the bubbles.”



October 28, 2018

After everything Job had gone through, he wanted God to show up, to judge him, to declare him innocent of all the things others had said about him. But God was nowhere to be found, and Job felt deserted by God. But does God ever actually abandon us, and if not, then what is behind those feelings? In this second message in the series, “Mystery,” Pastor Evan explores these ideas and shows how God is always with us, despite our lack of perceiving him.



November 4, 2018

After feeling both disoriented and deserted by God, Job began to become self-righteous and angry, which caused him to question God, wanting to know why he had suffered so. And then, God answered, but it wasn’t an answer anything like what Job would have wanted. In the midst of great trials, what role does the creature have over his creator? In part 3 of the series, “Mystery,” on the book of Job, Pastor Evan explores these ideas and how we should respond.



November 11, 2018

The last chapter of Job ends with what is supposed to be a happy ending: Job getting back double his stuff. But what about the loss he suffered and the wounds he experienced? What is Job to do with and about that? Concluding the series, “Mystery,” Pastor Evan addresses these issues and relates these things back to our own experiences.