Today is the Day


Why is it often easier to be more outwardly passionate about a hobby or something like a smartphone or DVR than it is about [...]



Paul encourages the Ephesians to wear the full armor of God. But how do we do that, and what does it even mean? In [...]

Build Up


Paul challenges the Ephesians to live a life that is worthy of their calling in Christ Jesus. How do we live such a life [...]

Feed the World


Jesus fed 5000 from only 5 loaves and 2 fish. But then each disciple gathered an entire basket filled with leftovers. What is the [...]

Draw Crowds


After their time of being sent out two by two, the disciples reported to Jesus all that they had done. Jesus then invites them [...]

Become Known


It was by the ministry of the disciples that Jesus' name began to be spread across the land of Israel, even reaching King Herod. [...]