By the Power of the Holy Spirit

4/29/18 – 5/20/18

The Holy Spirit empowers and encourages; beckons and calls; seals and imparts.  In this second sermon series during the season of Easter, we will be looking at the role the Holy Spirit plays in drawing people to the heart of God.

We Join the Outsider

April 29, 2018

Jesus is at home with the outsider, but so often we allow ourselves to be huddled away from those on the margins, those upon whom society looks down.  In this moving sermon about reaching out to the outsider, Pastor Evan challenges us to be like Philip, and like Tony Campolo, as we reach out to those whom God has placed in our path.


The Outsiders Join Us

May 6, 2018

It is one thing to reach out to an outsider and then commend them on their way; it’s another to bring the outsiders back to one’s fellowship, knowing that the outsider may change the identity of one’s group; yet this is the call of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Looking at the story of the Holy Spirit falling on Gentiles for the first time, Pastor Evan explores how God calls us not only to reach out to the outsider but also to seek to have the outsiders join us.


Leaders Are Raised Up

May 13, 2018

The lots were cast and Matthias was selected to be the 12th apostle, replacing Judas; after this though, the Bible never mentions Matthias again. In a sermon about leadership, Pastor Evan talks about the tasks God gives to us and the best ways to move forward should we feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.


Proclaim Jubilee

May 20, 2018

On Pentecost Sunday God poured out his Holy Spirit on the disciples and the disciples went out to proclaim jubilee, that is the day of the Lord. In this message Pastor Evan explores the impact of this story, coupling it with the long-awaited promise of God’s spirit, as told through the prophet Ezekiel.