An Update on Second Church’s Covid-19 Response

A Message from Pastor Evan

    Well that certainly escalated quickly.
     As we all adjust to this new normal, I welcome you to Second Presbyterian Church and hope that this site will be a spiritual oasis in a self-isolating desert.  Here at Second Church, we are working hard to connect with you and provide resources to help you care for your spirit.  There is much content here that will allow you to browse anonymously, but if you should ever desire to reach out and speak with someone, we truly hope you will.
     We serve a God who is bigger than any virus, any fears, and any isolation, and through this great God we remain connected with one another as Christ’s body in the world.

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First Fruits

In this service, Pastor Evan takes a break from our series through Mark in order to mark the day of Pentecost and explore the idea of first fruits and what God is doing in this time. Also in this message is the call not to brush aside what God may be doing in this season, in order to return to what is comfortable, because God has this way of doing the unexpected when we are least comfortable.

Scripture: Act 2:1-4

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