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In the Name of Jesus Christ

4/8/18 – 4/22/18

Following the resurrection, the disciples became apostles – those who were sent out.  For the first of two Easter series, we are looking at all the things these apostles were able to do by the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

Testimony to the Resurrection

April 8, 2018

Beginning the series, “In the Name of Jesus Christ,” Pastor Evan talks about all that God accomplished through the power of the testimony to the resurrection of the apostles. Likewise God can work to reach people through our stories, our testimonies, and thereby advance God’s kingdom.


Faith That Makes Us Strong

April 15, 2018

Peter tells the crowd that the lame man was healed by faith in the name of Jesus. This begs the question: how did this man come to have such faith if he had never encountered Jesus before? Running with this question, Pastor Evan explores the nature of faith, how God moves to give us faith, and the way we learn that faith can make us strong.


Salvation Comes

April 22, 2018

In this powerful sermon on salvation, Pastor Evan examines Peter’s claim that salvation comes through Jesus alone. Often people hear this as a statement about the afterlife, but salvation has greater meanings than just this understanding, to the point that we must ask ourselves if we have been looking for our salvation anywhere other than in Jesus alone.

Note: The sermon may seem to end abruptly but the video ends as Pastor Evan concluded the sermon but before he began to lead the church in prayer.