Mid-Week Worship

In the past, families would have a time of worship, on their own, on a weekly basis.  There may have even been family altars, which held the family Bible, around which the parents and children would gather, read Scripture, and pray together.  Like many good things in our world, this seems to be a thing of a bygone era, and yet now we have the opportunity to gather as a household, a couple, or an individual and come before God and worship again.  This page is meant to help you do that.  There will be prayers, music to listen to, and a Bible study that you can wrestle with, in order to make this worship experience your own.  If something is helpful to you, perhaps return to this page again during the week.  If something isn’t, feel free to move on.

The point is to carve out a space for God in our day and to proclaim Jesus the Lord of our lives. 

At heart, the essence of worship is simply this:  O come, let us adore him.


Loving God, you are our shelter amidst the dangers of this world; you are our guide through the darkest valley; you are our comfort in times of distress; you are our provider despite all adversity. Therefore, we worship you, source of all goodness and mercy, in Jesus’ name!



READ SILENTLY: The disobedient will stumble and fall; their feet will be caught in nets and snares. But God rescues, releases, liberates, and leads all who commit themselves to follow Christ Jesus and trust in his divine grace for freedom and salvation. Let us come before God now and confess our sins.


READ ALOUD: O God of our life, we cry to you for deliverance and forgiveness of our sins. Spirit of Truth, save us for the sake of your steadfast love; disabuse us of every lie and deception; protect us from all enemies that would lure us to destruction. O Christ our Way, do not retain our sins of the past; guard us in the present; and lead us along your sure path into our blessed future with you, into the joyous place that you are preparing for your people.


Read silently until the bold,

Friends in Christ, hear this good news: Whoever believes in Christ will not be put to shame. For the One who stands at the right hand of God in glory—Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life—hears our prayers for forgiveness, authorizes us to forgive others, and has become the very way for us to be reconciled to God. Furthermore, he has promised to return for us that we might be together with the triune God in eternity. Forgiveness serves the ultimate will and purpose of God; therefore, be assured that in Jesus Christ we are indeed forgiven.





Questions for Reflection

  • What has been the most difficult part of this time of social isolation for you?
  • How have you still been able to connect with people?  In what ways could you connect to those in the church that you have not yet done?
  • How can we be the church now in a time when we cannot gather?  Please share your ideas with Pastor Evan, as he is longing to figure this out too!
  • Given that we have been created by God to need others, in what ways have you seen your own need for connection?



Take this time to pray for the concerns of your heart.  Conclude with the Lord’s Prayer.



The Benediction

The promise of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit are yours. The sure and certain presence of the risen Lord Jesus is with you in the fellowship of the faithful and in the breaking of the bread. Therefore, knowing that you lack nothing for the journey, go and make known all that the prophets have declared concerning the Christ, our risen, ascended, and approaching King.

The Opening Prayer, Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, and Benediction were all borrowed or adapted from Timothy Matthew Slemmons’ wonderful liturgical resource book, Lightning from the East: Liturgical Elements for Reformed Worship, Year A (p. 166-168).