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Past Series – 2017

God’s Creative Connection

6/4/17 – 6/25/17

The creative spirit that began a new thing on Pentecost is the same spirit that began all of creation in Genesis.  This…

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Closer & Closer

4/16/17 – 5/28/17

Easter has the power to draw people together.  The original disciples huddled together.  The women who…

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Boot Camp for the Soul

3/5/17 – 4/9/17

The military puts new recruits through the steps via a program called “Boot Camp.”  Boot Camp exists to harden…

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The 18th Camel


Have you ever wondered if your contributions matter? Have you felt like others seemed to have been given better…

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New Year, Same Promises

1/8/17 – 2/19/17

When a new year greets us we often think about new things and all the ways we wish we could improve:  weight…

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