Resting in the Garden

7/5/20 – 

The gospel of John was the last gospel to be written, perhaps around the year AD 100, to a group of Gentile and Jewish Christians living in Ephesus.  One of the things that separates John’s gospel from others is that this community was not being persecuted or facing hardships for their faith.  As such, the people were able to think about their faith in the kind of deeper ways that often we are able to do only when things are going relatively well.  In many ways, we would relate to John’s original context and will learn a great deal from this in-depth study of this gospel.

The Beginning & the Logos

July 5, 2020

Today Pastor Evan is beginning a new sermon series through the book of John, entitled, “John: Resting in the Garden.” John’s original audience, likely in Ephesus, was not facing the same challenges that Matthew’s and Mark’s original audience had been, and so John is able to spend time delving into the deeper mysteries of the faith. In today’s message, Pastor Evan discusses how John refers to Jesus as the Logos, the Word, of God, and how if we are to know God, we must know him by the Word that is spoken, Jesus the Christ.


Jarred Traditions

July 12, 2020

In today’s message, Pastor Evan explores the miracle of Jesus changing water into wine. In John’s gospel, this is the very first miracle, or sign (as John calls it), that Jesus does. If you think about it, doesn’t this story seem like a strange one to be Jesus’ first miracle? Not a healing. Not some amazing word of knowledge. No, instead he changes water into wine so that the party can continue. Surely there’s a deeper meaning here. In this message, Pastor Evan explores this deeper meaning and shows us how Jesus may be jarring our traditions as well.


To Be Born Again

July 19, 2020

In today’s message, we look at the story of that greater teacher of Israel, Nicodemus, as he comes to Jesus at night in order to learn more about God’s kingdom.  In this conversation, Jesus tells Nicodemus something that sounds impossible:  in order to see the kingdom of God, one must be born again, from above.  In this message, Pastor Evan explores what it means to be born again, from above, and encourages us to allow the light of God’s Spirit to shine on the dark spots of our lives.


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

July 26, 2020

Today begins a two-part look at the most famous gospel passage (and perhaps Bible passage in general), John 3:16. In this message, entitled, “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told,” Pastor Evan goes back to the beginning, to creation, to look at why it is that humanity needs a savior and how it is that we can begin to know atonement through Jesus.